Thank you for visiting my art store. Ivanna

Thank You For Visiting my Art Store!

Ivanna Mirto

About me and my works.

 I am Ivanna Mirto, a Latin American visual artist who lives in the Gig Harbor, WA.

I moved here on December 2016.

I fell in love with the city’s natural beauty and landscapes. 

Every day I see the horizon from the window of my balcony, I tell myself. I can't believe I live in such a beautiful place and am so thankful for that.

I don't know what life holds for me, but I'd love to stay here forever.

This place gives me life and inspires me. It has enriched my art.

Most of my work deals abstractly with aspects of life, that as humans, we always tend to question.

Despite knowing that the answers will probably never be reached by our knowledge, even if they directly affect our personal environment.

And between so much doubt, my subconscious always looks for a balance. 

So my art always finds a way to connect directly with real and imaginary experiences of my childhood.

Then I allow myself to escape with all those moments that have touched my existence until today, which I don't want to, and I will never want to let them go.

Therefore, I will continue to let them float freely between a organic combination of layers of colors, poetry, music, ideas, textures, aromas, landscape, concerns, thoughts, and feelings, which gives my Artworks a complete definition.

What excites me most about creating art. Is that it challenges my imagination, from an inner strength that does not let me content myself as each of my works unfolds. To make my work more distinguished and unique.

Everything can be created from the constant use of the internal power that exists within our own imagination.

And as something more than curiosity or fascination as a human being, I get lost among the border roads, that mark a line that divides my thoughts, pretending to limit myself to not seeing beyond what my eyes can see, or hearing beyond what my ears can hear.

Creating art for me is the best place to escape.

Creating art is the place where I can get lost to find my true self.

Creating Art is the best place where I could stay forever.

Create art is the place where I find joy.